Our Story

Silverberry Deli Kitchen feels like home to us and we would truly love all our customers to feel the same way.  


Coffee is always a good idea, but coffee at Silverberry is a great idea!

The Perfect Blend

Our dedication to deliver the finest artisanal coffee to our customers, combined with our unique blend of beans, creates the perfect experience for coffee lovers.  


We believe there must be a connection between a great breakfast and happiness!

Breakfast and Brunch

To ensure we give you a great breakfast, every day the Silverberry team start their day before the neighbourhood awakes. We use only fresh, locally sourced ingredients and cook everything from scratch.
Eat breakfast like a king at Silverberry!

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Young, fresh and beautiful…

Seasonal Produce

At Silverberry we use fresh, seasonal produce to create our healthy, mouthwatering and unique bowl selections. Our bowls are made for brunching.